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A FREE contact lens ordering platform brought to you by ABB Optical, that keeps the doctor-patient relationship at the center of eye care

With Abby, doctors and their patients can order contact lenses from every major manufacturer! Plus, Abby offers free shipping direct to patients!

Abby's mission is to keep YOU where you belong... at the center of eye care.

At ABB Optical, we believe the best and only way to help eye care providers, is to keep the doctor-patient relationship at the center of eye health.

That means encouraging regular exams and checkups, ensuring patients keep their prescriptions up to date, and most of all, making it even more convenient for patients to order and reorder their contact lenses.


  • 62% of patients don’t REORDER from their eye doctor
  • 40% of patients walk out with an Rx, WITHOUT purchasing
  • The current industry average of patients who order Annual Supply is only 20%
  • The time it takes to create a contact lens order is 12 minutes (not including follow up with the patient).

Abby can change that with:

  • An easy, single online ordering platform for you AND your patients
  • Access to contact lenses from every major manufacturer
  • Free shipping direct to patients and hassle-free returns
  • Ability track the order status and shipment of every purchase
  • Access to our entire inventory, across all ABB's distribution centers
  • Insightful reporting and metrics with the Performance Dashboard
  • Patients can easily place orders through text messages, making the process faster and more convenient than ever before.

What Abby has done so far!*

  • Annual Supply of ECPs using Abby is 33%
  • Time savings of DTP 68% ($10K)
  • With Abby, the average order takes 4 minutes or less
  • Abby Customers’ sales with ABB are up 9% over Non-Abby Customers
  • Abby Reorder rate is 24% (Email Only; Text TBD)
  • 9x or more sales growth than non-Abby users
  • 50% or more increase in DTP usage than Non-Abby users

    *Individual results vary. Supporting data from ABB Optical available.

And now, with Abby, reordering contact lenses is now as simple as 1 click!

Abby's Commitment to You!

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