Abby Marketing Tool Kit 

Promote Abby to your patients with ease, using your new marketing tool kit.

  • Put Abby banners and links on your website
  • Post Abby on your social channels
  • Send emails to patients introducing Abby
  • Put posters and other patient-facing materials in your practice...and more!

You can order or download directly from the Links below. Scroll down to see everything!

Order Abby Promotional Items

Your Abby Marketing Tool Kit Contains:

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Patient-Facing Materials

From Patient ordering cards, brochures, flyers, stickers, and posters, I have lots of cool stuff for your practice.

EMail copy

Patient Communications

From email copy, to FAQs and on-hold messages, I've written copy perfect for your office staff to use

Social Media copy

Social Posts

From Facebook and Instagram, to LinkedIn I've designed multiple posts to peak your patients' interest.

Ad copy

Digital Banner / Ads

Whether you are adding a LINK or a Banner from your website to Abby, please link directly to

Click Each Tab Below to See the Patient-Facing Promotional Materials

Intro Brochure - PATIENT MOCKUP
  • The Patient Brochure is available as a static PDF digital document, as well as in print.
  • This brochure introduces Abby, the practice's new virtual assistant, to patients.
  • This new patient introduction brochure helps practices easily speak to how Abby works with he practice to help patients.
  • Click here for the PDF Digital Download,
  • Click her to download the version with cropmarks for printing

Order Abby Promotional Items

order card mockup

  • The PATIENT ORDERING CARD is available as a Static PDF digital document, as well as in print.
  • These cards show how easy it is to order from Abby through their eye doctor.
  • The 2-sided card shows the 3 steps and the top features from the patient's perspective.
  • Click here for the PDF Digital download
  • Click here for the Print Ready version with cropmarks

Order Abby Promotional Items

Abby Counter Card MOCKUP
  • The ABBY COUNTER CARD is small and will easily fit a counter or table.
  • This card has a QR code to make it even easier for your patients to learn more about Abby, and register.
  • 2 Cards come with every order.

Order Abby Promotional Items

Abby window cling mockup

Order Abby Promotional Items


Patient Communications

This is an example of an "on hold" message script. To download the other patient communications, including suggested email copy and other helpful patient information, click here.



And if you need to reinforce all that I can do for you and your patients, just share this video with them. 

Click Each Tab Below to See the Digital and Social Ads you can use!

And remember, always link directly to

These are some great examples of Digital Banner ads you can place on your website.

This is a great way to let your patients know Abby now works for you...and them! 

Also, don't forget to provide your patients instructions, on how to let you know they are interested in registering and ordering through Abby. Something like..."Send us an email and we'll set you up on Abby right away!"


Digital Ads preview

To access the different types and sizes of the digital ads, click the zip folders below to download.


These are some great examples of Facebook and Instagram Social posts you can make.


Facebook Example Posts

  • Post Version 1 - Abby Eyecare for you
    Say hello to Abby! Our new virtual assistant that helps us ship your prescribed contact lenses directly to your doorstep. She is available 24/7 to help make your contact lens ordering process easy, convenient and secure. Contact our office to get started on

  • Post Version 2 - Easily order your lenses online
    Wish you could order your contact lenses online with direct shipping to your doorstep? Wish granted! Our office, the people you know and can trust, care about your eyes, have teamed up with Abby for an easy, convenient and secure contact lens ordering experience. Contact our office to get started on

  • Post Version 3 - Free shipping for your lenses
    As your trusted eye care provider, we are excited to help you easily, conveniently and securely order your prescribed contact lenses online! Say hello to Abby, our new teammate who is here 24/7 to help you take care of your eyes. She helps you place online orders and ships your contact lenses for free! Contact our office to get started on

Click here to download the Facebook and Instagram artwork

#Hashtag Examples








These are some great examples of LinkedIn Posts you can make.


LinkedIn Examples

To download the LinkedIn artwork, click here.

Remember to tell your patients that I carry contact lenses from every major manufacturer, with simple returns!*

Manufacturer logos

Abby Avatar_Patient_Homepage

And...just in case these questions come up, I have the perfect answers.

What makes Abby different from other contact lens ordering platforms?

Powered by ABB Optical, Abby is the only platform of its kind that’s free for both patients and providers, while providing a stress-free contact lens ordering experience from all major manufacturers. Abby handles it all, all in one place—easy ordering, helpful reminders, tracking, and no-hassle returns.

Does working with Abby really save time?

Yep, it really does! Abby’s mission is to make life easier for eye care professionals and their patients by taking the guesswork out of the equation and, in turn, saving time. By using only one platform for contact lens ordering, no matter the brand, time is gained to focus on what’s most important: providing eye care to patients.

Is it complicated for patients to place orders?

Not at all! The patient will only need to enter three things: box quantities, shipping address, and credit card information. Prescription information will be controlled securely by the practice, taking out any guesswork for the patient.

Can I see the tracking status of orders?

Yes! Patients will receive email notifications when their order is being processed and when their order has shipped. They can also access tracking information from their patient profile.

Need help or have any questions on how to use these marketing tools?

Please reach to us!